About Yevgeniya

Yevgeniya Savosta is an internationally exhibiting artist currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. From an early age she knew that fine art would be her destiny. However, due to advice given to her in her early years, she took a more practical approach and graduated from a business University. While working in chosen field for 5 years she was taking art classes with an Architectural Drawing instructor who taught her the basics of drawing and watercolor painting. Mainly influenced by artists such as Luigi Loir and Degas, Yevgeniya was trying to find her own voice within the art world of Impressionism.

However, lacking solid structure in drawing and painting Yevgeniya decided to search for answers in paintings of Old Masters such as Gerrit (Gerard) Dou, Carolus-Duran, Velazquez, Sargent and William Turner.

In 2003 Yevgeniya enrolled in a 5 year academic program at the well known Academy of Realist Art in Toronto that teaches drawing and painting in the old master tradition, where she had an amazing learning experience.

Currently she is a member of:

  • Drawing Society of Canada
  • International Guild of Realism
  • Gallery of Canadian Figurative Masters
  • Portrait Society of Canada

“In my work I look for the things that move my heart and captivate my mind: the beauty of light and a certain mood it brings, how shapes and colors reveal themselves. I’m visually compelled by various forms of shape, value, pattern, texture. Through the process of painting, I gain new and deeper insight into my subject and its surroundings as these elements combine and communicate.

Having gone through an amazing academic education allows me to put my thoughts on a canvas without hesitation and by asking myself “How can I make it better this time” I am able to challenge myself and progress, searching for new ways of sharing my ideas.”

Since her decision to paint full-time, Yevgeniya has enjoyed exhibiting her work and is now constantly working on her future professional growth.

Artist’s works are in private collections in USA and Canada as well as in Corporate Rogers Center Gallery, Toronto.


  • 2010 The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juried Exhibition, London,UK
  • 2009 Still life show, Robert Macklin Gallery, Kingston, ON
  • 2009 The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juried Exhibition, London, UK
  • 2009 John B. Aird Gallery, Juried Portrait Exhibition, Toronto, ON
  • 2008 Junction Arts Festival, Juried Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
  • 2008 Galleria 814, Toronto, ON
  • 2007 Junction Arts Festival, Toronto, ON
  • 2006 ARA Selected works show Toronto, ON
  • 2005 ARA Selected works show Toronto, ON
  • 2005 ARA Selected works show Toronto, ON
  • 2004 Art auction and fundraising event at Rogers Center Canada, Toronto, ON
  • 2003 Realist Revival Exhibition at Earl’s Court Gallery, Hamilton, ON


  • Interview in the Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, Summer Issue: Emerging Artists 2009, Canada
  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Catalogue 2009, UK
  • Art Renewal Center Catalogue 2009, USA
  • Richeson 75 Catalogue 2008, USA

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